Dentures ( false teeth) are a removable appliance made to replace missing teeth. They can consist of one tooth or many. Dentures can be made of different materials depending on the patient. In Victoria house dental we make acrylic dentures, valplast dentures and cobalt chrome dentures. Feel free to contact us on 061-490049 to make an appointment to discuss best denture option for you.

Medical card dentures:

Medical card dentures are made of acrylic and need to be approved by the HSE. Medical card patients are entitled to new dentures every 5 years.

Valplast Dentures:

Valplast dentures are light weight, and flexible which means they have more natural feel then acrylic. The denture attaches to healthy teeth by flesh coloured clasps. These give a better overall hold and look better in the mouth.


Cobalt Chrome Dentures:

These dentures are made on a metal framework which gives great retention in the mouth. They are also less bulky due to the framework and easier to adapt to. Cobalt Chrome dentures are not suitable for patients with metal allergies.

Denture Care:

Dentures must be taken out every night to reduce the possibility of oral thrush and, the possibility of a choking hazard.  They need to be cleaned with a soft toothbrush but NO toothpaste as this can be abrasive. Steradent is a good cleaning agent for dentures also.