Teeth Cleaning (Scale + Polish)

During a scale + polish your dentist will thoroughly clean all deposits and stains from teeth. They will scale away tartar build up from tooth surfaces and polish up your teeth using specialist instruments. It is recommend you get your teeth cleaned twice a year. Getting a teeth cleaning also helps in removing the staining that can build up from consuming tea, coffee, red wine and similar products.

To maintain healthy teeth and gums it is essential that you look after your teeth at home. Gum disease can occur and cause inflammation of the gums which leads to bleeding. If this is not treated, and oral hygiene is poor, it may lead to Periodontal Disease which can lead to bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

Victoria House Dental recommends twice daily brushing with a Flouride toothbrush and flossing. Flossing is important because the toothbrush can not clear away the bacteria or food debris living just under the gum.

PRSI Teeth Cleaning

If you are eligible under PRSI you can have your scale + polish for only €15.00.

Medical Teeth Cleaning

A scale and polish is available on the Medical Card if you suffer from certain health issues.