Looking for a teeth whitening service in Limerick?

For the most natural result, Victoria House Dental recommends “at home” teeth whitening.

We have extensive experience of successful teeth whitening for customers  in Limerick.  Moulds are made of your mouth in the dental chair and you can control the final result yourself at home. If you suffer from sensitive teeth there is a whitening agent (gel) with a lower percentage of peroxide which may be suitable for you. Teeth Whitening is not recommend for people with very sensitive teeth as it can aggravate sensitive teeth even more. The gels are proven to be safe, effective and visibly show results in less than a week. With the at home teeth whitening kit you can whiten you teeth whenever takes your fancy. Daily use is not recommended. Once you have achieved the desired result stop using it as your teeth may become sensitive.

For best results, Victoria House Dental recommends you get your teeth cleaned as this will remove any stains that would affect the cosmetic result of the teeth whitening. Certain drinks like red wine, tea and coffee stain the teeth and these are best avoided.

For more information please contact us at Victoria House Dental at 061-490049